Canadians Cry Foul Over Gitmo Detainees

The Canadians are at it again — complaining that the Americans mistreated a Canadian we had locked up at Gitmo and only recently let out. His name is Abdur Rahman Khadr (search), and he's 20 years old.

In the words of Canadian columnist Mark Steyn (search), Khadr and the rest of his family are Canada's main contribution to the war on terror. The whole family has been fighting the war... for the other side!

Why we ever let this Khadr kid out of Gitmo is beyond me.

His father — Abdul Khadr — is known in Al Qaeda circles as al-Kanadi, or "the Canadian." He's been associated with Usama bin Laden (search) himself for more than a decade, and is presently being sought by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

The younger Khadr's 17-year-old brother is still in Gitmo. Everybody is crying crocodile tears over him because he's a kid... but he's a kid who killed one American with a grenade, and wounded several others.

Another brother is either dead — killed during a U.S. vs. Taliban (search) shootout — or still on the run with the old man.

The senior Khadr ran an Islamic charity in Canada that used Canadian government money to build refugee camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan that were really Al Qaeda (search) training camps.

Dopey old Jean Chretian (search) even talked Pakistan into letting him out of jail when he'd been locked up for a bombing there. Khadr then thanked Chretien by going right back to his Al Qaeda work.

So all in all... I just have one question. We may have killed one Khadr. We're trying to kill another. We have still another locked up. So why did we let this Khadr go?

That's My Word.

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