Cruz and Cruise, "The Reagans," and Billy Bob

Cruz and Cruise, "The Reagans" finally airs, Billy Bob very good in "Bad Santa" and Sir Mick Jagger in today's Foxlight.

Penelope Cruz (search) and Tom Cruise, seen taking his parents to dinner the night after Thanksgiving, have tongues wagging that they're getting serious. Don't believe it. He has a movie called "The Last Samurai" to promote and if he really wanted only his parents to know about the dinner, he wouldn't have had it at a restaurant notorious for paparazzi hanging around outside.

What was all the fuss over that Reagans movie? (searchThat's what we couldn't see on regular old CBS? Had to ship that over to Showtime Sunday night? Come on. It was boring no matter where they ran it.

The best thing about "Bad Santa" (search) is Billy Bob Thornton playing it as though he's in "Death of a Salesman." He's hilarious, although there will never be a TV version of this thing without a lot of overdubbing "darns" and "shoots." John Ritter gets to go out on a high note. I'm told the character he does is a guy he used to do as goof for his friends. Biggest waste in the movie? Bernie Mac. He's fine, just not as great as we know he can be.

Finally, I'm happy for "Sir" Mick Jagger (search). He gets knighted in about 10 days. But aren't they handing this honor out a little more willy-nilly than they used to? Can a posthumous Sir Benny Hill be far behind? And still no Sir Sean Connery?