Timeline: Attacks Against Non-U.S. Personnel in Iraq

Some attacks on non-U.S. military personnel and civilians in Iraq:

-- Nov. 30: Gunmen kill two South Korean workers and wounded two others as they travel toward Tikrit.

-- Nov. 29: Gunmen ambush and kill seven Spanish intelligence agents in Mahmudiyah, 18 miles south of Baghdad. Guerrillas shoot to death two Japanese diplomats at a food stand on the road between Baghdad and Tikrit. A Colombian civilian working as a contractor for a U.S. firm is killed in an attack on a convoy near the town of Balad, 45 miles north of Baghdad.

-- Nov. 27: Insurgents fire a rocket-propelled grenade at the Italian mission in Baghdad, causing damage but no injuries.

-- Nov. 12: A truck bomb outside Italian barracks in Nasiriyah kills 19 Italians and 14 others.

-- Nov. 6: Insurgents ambush a convoy of troops from Poland near Karbala, killing Maj. Hieronim Kupczyk.

-- Oct. 9: Gunmen kill Jose Antonio Bernal Gomez, a Spanish sergeant working for Spain's military intelligence, at his home in Baghdad.

-- Aug. 19: Bombing of United Nations headquarters in Baghdad kills top U.N. envoy to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello of Brazil, a Spanish Navy captain and 20 other people.

-- June 24: Iraqi gunmen kill two British military police officers during demonstration and then storm a police station, killing four more.