Below the Fold for Nov. 30

Check out some stories we found Below the Fold:

And the Winner Is...

Here, in case you needed it, is further proof that Europeans just don't think like we do. The British Political Cartoon society has just recognized that nation's top political cartoon of the year. It depicts Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon eating a Palestinian baby and saying: "What's wrong? You've never seen a politician kissing a baby before?"

Cartoonist Dave Brown says he was trying in the drawing to imitate Goya (search), not the protocols of the elders of Zion.

Don't Hold Your Breath

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (search) recently told American GIs in Kosovo he wanted to bring the New York Giants' cheerleaders with him on the visit.

The soldiers and Marines probably wouldn't have whooped it up as much as they did had they known the implied promise was completely empty. The Giants don't have any cheerleaders -- which may give them something in common with the mayor.

King, Mandela, Jesus and Me

The Reverend Jesse Jackson (search) was attempting to stage a rally on behalf of unemployed black men this week when he was shouted down by, among others, unemployed black men.

A group called VOTE, which purportedly includes activists, Christian and Muslim religious leaders, ex-offenders and others, complained that Jackson was offering nothing more than a lot of hot air. Said one: "We're tired of... African-American people sitting at the table and saying they represent our interests and playing this puppet game."

Jackson's reply: "They lashed out at Dr. King. They lashed out at Nelson Mandela. They lashed out at Jesus."