French Join In on Anti-France Bandwagon

France's opposition to military action in Iraq sparked a backlash around the globe, but criticism of the country is now coming from an unlikely source — the French themselves.

In the last few months, there have been a slew of books published in the country slamming French policy with titles that translate to: "The Arrogant French," "The French in Disarray," and "France in Free-Fall."

"France has a great obstructive power, destructive power and this is very dangerous for France itself," said Andre Glucksmann, author of "West Versus West."

Readers are snapping up books that question whether or not the policies of French president Jacques Chirac (search) are hurting their homeland.

"A great many French officials hoped that we would fail in Iraq," said Richard Perle (search), former chairman of the Defense Policy Board (search).

"With the help from the United Nations and the European Union, Chirac wants to revive France's glory days, an effort that some wonder if he's overreaching."

France's policies on war aren't the country's only controversial decisions these days. Protests by workers are frequent and a worrying wave of anti-Semitism is spreading.

"There are a number of challenges," said Laurent Cohen-Tanugi, author of "An Alliance at Risk: The United States and Europe Since September 11." "The question is whether the government is going to wake up to those challenges."

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