Topics and Guests for Thursday, Nov. 27

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• As we give thanks for the riches graced upon our nation, the people of Iraq look forward to a nation at peace, a nation of rules and law, a nation without fear.

Most of the news coming out of Iraq is filled with violence involving elements of the old regime, with few stories reflecting success in the region.

But there's a bigger story going on — a tale of resurrection and renewal.

Howard Lafranchi is a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor in Baghdad. We’ll ask him, New Yorker staffer George Packer and Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne — what are some of the bright spots in Iraq that we don't hear much about?

We’ll also talk to retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. What will it take to wipe out the violence in Iraq?

• With American taxpayers shelling out billions to rebuild Iraq, you can be certain that folks on Capitol Hill are keeping a close eye on the pace of progress.

We’ll discuss with Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y., who’s just back from a fact-finding mission there.

• Helicopters are a tempting target for the enemy, and dozens of Americans flying these choppers in Iraq have been killed in action.

Apache pilot Thomas Nowlin exposed himself to enemy fire, providing security and support for ground forces under siege.

A chief warrant officer with the Army, he's been awarded an air medal for heroism beyond the call of his mission. But unlike Private Jessica Lynch (search), you've probably never heard of him.

We’ll ask him... do Americans recognize the full depth of heroism in Iraq?

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