Topics and Guests for Nov. 26

Gen. Jay Garner (search), the man who headed the first occupation government in Iraq, is now saying that the U.S. made some major mistakes there. Is he right?

We’ll ask retired Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney.

Very big economic numbers come out today on initial jobless claims, durable goods and home sales.

We'll get a read on the report from economist Donald Straszheim and Mickey Levy of Bank of America.

And where do the markets head from here?  We'll talk to:

-- Gary B. Smith,
-- Tobin Smith, Changewave Research
-- Gary Kaltbaum, Kaltbaum & Assoc.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving -- a very big travel day... we'll tell you where the biggest delays are and how to avoid them. We’ll also talk to Travelocity (search) CEO Sam Gillerand.

All that... and more.

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