Topics and Guests for Nov. 25

The Senate passes a historic Medicare (search) bill along anything but party lines. How will this deeply divisive issue play out politically?

We'll ask Jeff Birnbaum, Washington bureau chief for Fortune magazine.

We'll also talk to Bernard Kerik, former Iraqi security adviser, about the ground situation in Iraq. What's to made of reports that money for the rebuilding of public works is running out?

Plus -- Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig weighs in on America's allies.

Tony Blair (search) has stood side-by-side with President Bush in the war on terror, but will the U.K. continue with its support? Or will it look for closer ties with France?

Canada's Jean Chretian (search) prepares to step down next month. What effect, if any, will this have on trade between our two countries?

Plus -- Showtime chief Matt Blank on the Reagan special CBS declined to air.

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