Thanks for Freedom

I hope this is going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving for all of you.

Here’s an idea... if you know somebody who has a loved one serving overseas, maybe you can do something nice for that family, because they are sacrificing big time for all of us and there ought to be some way to pay them back a little — even if it's only to say thanks.

Personally, I do not think serving in the armed forces at this time is just ordinary duty. Every time I go on the Arabic Web sites, I read yet another threat against America. And when I read the European press, I read we've had it coming for years and whatever we get we deserve.

The only thing standing in between all those people and their bitter feelings about us is our armed force — the men and women who are willing to enlist, train and then go out to fight our enemies where they come from, instead of trying to deal with them when they get to our streets.

Most often, these young people come from the square states and rural states — far from New York or D.C. or Los Angeles or the cities the terrorists will mostly likely try to hit.

So a special salute and a great Thanksgiving to all those people who are helping protect this country and to their families.

There may be some people here who think they shouldn't be doing it, and that the war was the wrong thing to do... but not me. I believe going after the enemy is what keeps us safe.

Have a good holiday.

That's My Word.

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