'X2,' 'Bruce Almighty' and James Bond: New on DVD

"X-2" better than the first, Bruce makes an "Almighty" rental and attention all Bond fans in today's Foxlight.

It's that rare exception -- the sequel that's better than the original. And now it's out on DVD: "X-2: X-Men United." (search) The action is better, the scenes more coherent and the dialouge actually means something to the story. Hugh Jackman is better than ever. And I agree with a recent New York Times piece that says he should be the next James Bond. He already has the handy retracting knife blades -- they're just not in a briefcase.

Next, it was almighty at the box office and proved Jim Carrey is just about bulletproof. He's "Bruce Almighty." (search) And apparently if God was one of us, he'd blow women's skirts up over their heads and potty train the family dog. Jennifer Aniston is kind of wasted and Morgan Freeman always seems so Morgan Freeman but that's OK. There are enough laughs to make this mighty appealing.

Finally, while they're deciding on the next James Bond, all the previous license-holders are available on a new James Bond Collection (search). I'll avoid the shake and stir jokes and just say take a look at the wildly under-praised "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," starring George Lazenby. Everyone hated him at the time, but this Bond was Saville Row tailor-made. And Diana Rigg is the best Bond girl ever.