Guests and Topics: November 24

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Tonight, on Hannity & Colmes:

He is no stranger to the presidential campaign trail — But this time he is in the driver's seat — Does Sen. Joe Lieberman have what it takes to make it all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? He joins us.

• The American justice system allows Michael Jackson (search) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty ... but could his legal rights prove to be very wrong for his own children? Should his kids be taken away from him?

Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred weighs in.

What role could race play in the Michael Jackson alleged child molestation case? 

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell  joins the debate.

Also joining us to assess the latest allegations facing the former 'King of Pop':       

Catherine Crier, Court TV host
Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney
Mark Fuhrman, former L.A.P.D. detective

• And, angry Democrats are calling on Republicans to stop showing their first television ad of the 2004 presidential race. Is this ad just G.O.P. propaganda ... Or are the Democrats realizing that sometimes the truth hurts?

Author Ann Coulter and Democratic strategist Richard Aborn deliberate.           

FNC political analyst Dick Morris also steps into the debate tonight.          

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