The defense on Monday opened its case in sniper suspect Lee Boyd Malvo's trial with testimony from the teenager's father, Leslie Malvo of Kingston, Jamaica. Leslie Malvo said he had a "loving" relationship with his son and described him as "manageable" and obedient.

The defendant's father cried, sniffled and took long pauses as he recounted how he taught his son to ride a bicycle and play catch and would buy him ice cream almost every night. The defendant laughed as his father described how the ice cream dripped down the 3-year-old Lee's hand and arm.

Malvo said he never saw his son with a gun and never trained him to use one.

The testimony came after the prosecution played the remainder of a recorded police interview in which the teenager bragged about his marksmanship and admitted pulling the trigger in all the shootings.

Much of the hiss-filled audiotape was inaudible. According to a transcript, Malvo said he thought he would be executed.

"I think they're gonna kill me," Malvo said. He later added: "Between Alabama, Louisiana and Virginia, Alabama, good as gold."

Asked whether that scared him, Malvo replied: "You want to hang me, OK, poke me, shock me, just gonna last for 3 minutes, 2 minutes, then you're dead."

Malvo also said he thought "my dad," meaning John Allen Muhammad (search), would be executed. "They're gonna get rid of him as fast as possible," he said.