Cher, Liza, Tom Cruise

Cher to parody Cher, Liza's comic timing and Tom Cruise is a regular guy in today's Foxlight.

Cher (search) says Sonny would approve of her new role in "Stuck on You." The delightful diva told the Foxlight that Sonny had a great sense of humor and would have enjoyed the fact that Cher is playing an aging bitchy actress named Cher in the film. That's right, she parodies herself. Off camera, the press junket interviews had a rare laid-back atmosphere thanks to pitchers of margaritas in the hotel suites for the stars and some of the heartier journalists. For the record, she looked great with or without margaritas.

Did anyone see Liza Minnelli (search) on Fox's "Arrested Development?" She was hilarious. Maybe this could be an ongoing gig. It makes me salivate even more for those VH1 tapes locked away of the now defunct reality series starring her and her ex David Gest.

Finally, Tom Cruise (search) says he does normal stuff: He hangs out with his kids, goes to get coffee, sees movies. And that fact that he has bodyguards and a security detail isn't so regular folks won't approach him. He says it's to keep the paparazzi at bay.

Hey, a whole Foxlight without mentioning Michael Jackson. Oh, sorry.