'Gothika,' 'Cat in the Hat,' and 'Elf'

Halle Berry tosses and turns and "The Cat in the Hat" is not as fun as it should be in today's Foxlight.

Halle Berry (search) didn't sleep well while filming the creepy movie "Gothika." Berry says she had "lots of nightmares." Maybe she had a premonition about some of the reviews. Most critics can't believe she went from an Oscar to this.

About the movie, Berry says it was her body's way of processing all the "scary, freaky information" she was exposed to. Berry's character is visited by a ghost who tries to help her solve the murder she's accused of. Berry believes in ghosts. Too bad they don't buy tickets. Boxofficeguru.com agrees and says $12 million this weekend.

Mike Myers calls "The Cat in the Hat" (search) his favorite book of all time. And the movie? I wish I could say it's good -- I wish it were and then I would.

Myers says the movie is about how it's fun to have fun once you know how. But critics aren't having all that much fun. The New York Post calls it a "cat-astrophe." Meanwhile, Myers says it took him three hours a day to turn into the cat -- half the time it took him to become Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers series. Still, boxofficeguru.com says maybe as much as $50 million coughed up like furballs.

So this weekend it's "Saturday Night Live" alum Will Ferrell from "Elf" -- last week's No. 1 -- taking on fellow SNL alum Myers for the top spot. And just to make it even karmically odder, this weekend's SNL is hosted by -- Halle Berry. OK, it's a repeat.