Viewers Share Their Thoughts on the Jackson Case

Dear Viewers,

Every night after the show I read the e-mails sent by our many viewers.  I try and answer as many letters as I can.  I thought you might like to read a sample of what other viewers are writing. I just grabbed a they are:

The guy who said "we do not even listen to Jackson's music, " also said, " we did not get the search warrant because of Halloween." What!!!! I think that if this is a very serious crime, would you wait to get a search warrant on the account of Halloween? This guy needs to sit down, he obviously said something STUPID!!!
[Note: the "guy" is the D.A. in Santa Barbara.]

Hi Greta, I feel that if the charges are true about Michael Jackson molesting this kid then I also think charges should be brought against the parents for neglect as they should have had some idea from Michael's past charges. I as a parent would never let my kids alone with someone who was once charged with molesting children.
[Note: so many viewers wrote me enraged about the parents.]


There have to be other celebrity criminal defense attorneys as good as Geragos???



Robert Blake, Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson. With a
litany of misery. Do you enjoy covering this stuff, or is it just a job
to you.
I know that people want to know, but the media is just so many vultures
waiting for the next celebrity to drop. Also, I liken them to a pack of
vicious sharks in a feeding frenzy. So sad.
[Note: I guess this viewer doesn't like the show.  I am not sure why the viewer continues to watch and write.]



I think he is guilty of something. What 40 year old man thinks it is right to sleep with 12-year-old boys and what parent would let their kid sleep at his house?!!!!!!!!!!!!


While I do not know if Michael Jackson is innocent or guilty of child abuse, I
do think the parents should also be arrested. It is not as though the word was not out on Jackson's bizarre behavior, so the fact that the parents put their child in that kind of danger deserves serious evaluation by authorities. The joking around by the police at the news conference was also sick and disgusting.


...might the accuser be the young boy who was by Michael's side in the February
'03 special [editor's note: the Martin Bashir documentary which aired on ABC]? Michael was holding his hand on camera and there was some talk then about somebody being healed, 'because he was with Michael,' or something like that. he was Latino and his parents were living in another house on the ranch. just wondering.

I added e mail #9 below since one part of it represents what many people write me.  I get so many e mails in which people tell me that they did not like me (some even hated me) when I worked for another network. I am thrilled that you people have given me a chance here at Fox.


Hello Greta,

I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it very much! I especially like your wit and humor which shines through the entire book. I did not know the facts of the coffee incident at McDonalds but now that I do, I certainly do not blame that poor woman for asking for her medical bills to be paid! I can only imagine what a horrible experience that must have been for her! Too bad the media did not see fit to actually disclose the true facts of the case!
I admit that I did not like you very much during the O.J. Simpson trial. When you joined CNN I did not watch the show because I do not watch CNN at all! In my opinion, the people at CNN could actually be Tom Daschle, Ted Kennedy, Joe Lieberman, etc., in disguise! I was a little skeptical when you signed with Fox but I do enjoy your show (when I can stay awake long enough to watch it). Your show is very interesting and your eyes look great…even though all of the hoopla over that makes me sick!

By the way, I just purchased a FOX News hat for my nephew who is attending American University in Washington, D.C. For whatever reason, he has decided that he is a "conservative" Democrat and I am not sure what went wrong with him! I am hoping that by purchasing a hat (starting small so not to traumatize him) from Fox, some of that "fair and balanced" reporting will seep into his head! Here's hoping!

Great book and keep up the great work!

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