Topics and Guests, Nov. 19

Today on Special Report...

Jim Angle reports: President Bush delivers an address at Whitehall Palace (search) and defends the U.S. and British mission in Iraq. He says the two global democracies have a responsibility to see the mission through and to quash terrorism where it thrives.

Amy Kellogg reports: Protests overshadow the pleasantries of Bush's three-day visit to London — Meanwhile questions arise about palace security ... We'll have the latest.

Bret Baier reports: Are coalition forces circling in on a former top lieutenant to Saddam Hussein (search)? Get the details.

Steve Harrigan reports: Will U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West (search) face a court martial for allegedly punching an Iraqi detainee and firing a gun near him?

Carl Cameron reports: The Democratic presidential candidates are out in full force on the campaign trail. Get the latest in this You Decide 2004 report.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume at 6 p.m. ET.

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