Liza Minnelli, Jacko, Jennifer Garner and Natalie Portman

Liza TV, Wacko Jacko, Jennifer Garner kicks more than butt and Natalie Portman is Lois "Lame" in today's Foxlight.

Her life has been a sitcom. And when I use the term "has been" I mean it in the nicest way. Now Liza Minnelli makes her sitcom debut in "Arrested Development" Sunday night on Fox. Minnelli says sitcom work is "wacky" and the "maddest thing" she's ever done. I guess she's already forgotten the wedding. Minnelli says it's fun finally to use her "comic ability." Minnelli will play a widowed socialite who gets a crush on Buster, George and Lucille's youngest son.

Speaking of that sitcom's title, the best quote on Michael Jackson (search): "He's gone from arrested development to arrested." That from an artist named Richard Osterweil in the New York Post.

A stuntman on "Alias" is recovering from a broken nose. Jennifer Garner (search) says she recently broke the guy's nose, by accident, during a scene. She says she did a kick in high-heels, the stuntman didn't move and her foot connected with his nose. She even heard it break. Garner revealed the incident this week to Martha Stewart while they were making a turkey dinner on "Martha Stewart Living."

Finally, Superman fans are calling her Lois "Lame." And it would be a letdown after playing a queen. Natalie Portman (search) is said to be the front-runner in the new "Superman" movie. Who's her Superman? Still looking for him. Rumors say the role has already proven to be Kryptonite to actors like Brendan Fraser, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett and Jude Law.