Assyrian Politician Assassinated in Iraq

An Assyrian (searchpolitician working with coalition authorities in the southern Iraqi city of Basra (searchwas abducted and killed by unknown assailants while on his way to work, his political party said Thursday.

Sargoun Nanou Murado, a representative of the Assyrian Democratic Movement (searchparty and member of Basra's city council, was ambushed on Tuesday, said a party statement that condemned the killing.

"The body of our party member was discovered in a city suburb," it said.

The assassination is the second this week in the south of Iraq of people working with coalition authorities. In the town of Diwaniyah, gunmen on Tuesday killed the education ministry's director general for that province.

Guerrillas have warned that they will target any Iraqi who collaborates with occupation authorities.

The Assyrian Democratic Movement, which represents Iraq's long-oppressed Assyrian minority, is represented on Iraq's 25-seat Governing Council set up by the U.S.-led coalition authorities.