Why Michael Jackson Should Go to France

Move over Roman Polanski (search), Michael Jackson may be on the way...

We're hearing that Jackson's attorney Mark Geragos (search) is conducting negotiations for Michael Jackson's surrender, but if I were his adviser, I would tell him it's time to get on a private jet and tell the pilot, "France... and step on it."

Polanski did that some 20 years ago on the same sort of charges — sex with a minor. 

The director beat feet for Paris. The French won't extradite on this crime — murder maybe, but not a sex crime...

So Jackson has a choice. San Quentin (search), after a long and ugly trial that could last months... or Paris tomorrow?

I'm serious... the singer would be crazy to show up for this trial.

The D.A. will convict him, and he will go away and will not be able to cope very well in prison.

I know it's an opinion, but I am convinced of Jackson's guilt in the case in 1993. He could have gone to prison for that crime if there had been a prosecution.

There was not a prosecution because Jackson paid the kid and his parents $20 million, so the kid wouldn't testify.

If the complaining witness in this case had the same situation occur to him... this case is over. Right now. He will be convicted, and Johnny Cochran (search) won't be getting him off this time.

Faced with this reality — if I were Jackson's adviser — I'd say France.

France today or prison tomorrow... it's not such a hard choice, is it?

Hey, Polanski has had a good life on the lam in France. Can't go anywhere but France without the threat of getting picked up, but as bad as France is... it's better than the California penal system.

Who knows? Jacques Chirac (search) may show up at the airport to welcome Jackson to France. Robert Mugabe (search), Saddam Hussein... now Jackson?

Hey, it's France!

That's My Word.

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