Glance: The WTC Memorial Designs

A look at the eight competing designs selected Wednesday for the World Trade Center memorial:

"Votives in Suspension" by Norman Lee and Michael Lewis: Represents each victim from the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center (searchwith a votive light suspended over a large reflecting pool. The victims' names are listed in alphabetical order. A wall on the southern end of the park is engraved with inscriptions with the history of the site and descriptions of the rescue workers' efforts.

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"Lower Waters" by Bradley Campbell and Matthias Neumann: Contains an inclined park that slopes from street level to 30 feet below. It includes a garden within the south tower footprint and a structure at the north tower footprint with a water staircase and the unidentified remains of the victims. It also has a museum dedicated to the Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy with access to the slurry wall and bedrock at the north tower footprint. Victims' names are listed in alphabetical order on walls that encircle the park.

"Passages of Light: The Memorial Cloud" by Gisela Baurmann, Sawad Brooks and Jonas Coersmeier: Includes an open-air structure with cathedral-like vaults and a glass walkway overhead, like a cloud. The cloud includes thousands of lights that illuminate engraved names of the victims. It groups the rescuers' names separately in a ribbon that runs through the rest of the victims' names. The victims' names are listed according to the location where they died. The footprint is left vacant as two grassy fields.

"Suspending Memory" by Joseph Karadin and Hsin-Yi Wu: A large pool covers the area and has two memorial gardens at the tower footprints. The gardens are connected by a bridge and each garden has a column for each victim who died at the World Trade Center; the names of the victims from Pennsylvania and the Pentagon are etched into a glass plaque in the bridge.

"Dual Memory" by Brian Strawn and Karla Sierralta: Contains a pavilion called the Individual Memory Footprints and the Shared Memory Footprints. It has a private area for families to mourn their loved ones at the bedrock and represents victims with thousands of light portals in a pool of water. The victims' names are randomly engraved on glass and stone panels.

"Inversion of Light" by Toshio Sasaki: Includes a street-level landscaped park with a circular skylight that projects a blue light straight up from the location of the unidentified victims' remains. The memorial also contains a reflecting pool and granite walls with various inscriptions and names of the victims, which are grouped as civilian or noncivilian and by the location of their death.

"Garden of Light" by Pierre David, Sean Corriel and Jessica Kmetovic: A three-level memorial with a garden on the top and a private area for the victims' families connected by a path and a stream of water. There is also a public area filled with lights, one for each victim.

"Reflecting Absence: A Memorial at the World Trade Center Site" by Michael Arad: Has two pools of water 30 feet below street level. Pine trees and a paved stone field lead to the pools. There is no access to the bedrock.