More Behind the Scenes Pictures from Modesto

Dear Viewers,

After each long day in Modesto, and the days include being in court all day and THEN getting ready for On the Record and THEN actually doing it, the "road gang" of FOX News Channel meets back in the hotel.  Typically others show up from other networks.  Ted Rowlands who works for a local KTVU Fox affiliate in San Francisco, and Vinnie Politano from Court TV have often joined us in the hotel just to hang around and talk.

Here are some photos from one night:

Photo number one:  Claudia Cowan's field producer George is on the far left (incidentally, he can speak the Hungarian language fluently.)  Seated to George's left is our editor Jennie.  She is responsible for taking all our "walk -- arounds" (e.g. in the park near the Peterson home) and putting them into 4 or 5 minute taped "packages."  This is a HUGE challenge and she does a great job!  To Jennie's left is Tracey -- my make up artist.  If you think Jennie has a challenge, you can only imagine what Tracey's is!! Time has marched on with me and she has to combat that!! Plus, I hate hairspray--it makes me feel like if I fall over, my hair will break.  (Incidentally, FOX News Channel's Tony Snow also complains about hairspray.  He claims it makes his head feel like a brick!)

Standing next to me is Don who runs the live site.  This is also a huge task.  Besides the numerous technical issues, and the challenge of coordinating all of it, he has to deal with "talent."  Yes, "talent" -- that means Rita Cosby, Claudia Cowan, Stan Goldman, Adam Housely, and me.  We often bring him problems he just does not "need."

Next to Don is my producer Beth.  She has been in many of the blog pictures and in each one she is on the phone working.  I am beginning to wonder if she accidentally superglued that cell phone to her head.

I wish I had pictures of the others who show up.  Gloria Allred has shown up, and even Mark Geragos (but there is a gag order so we don't get any scoops.)  The reason we see so many people is because the hotel we stay in is the only one in town.  It is inevitable that we see all the people in the case except, of course, the Rocha family who returns to their individual homes at night.

Pictures number two and three:

How can you miss Claudia Cowan on our show!!!! She is extremely smart, gorgeous -- and incidentally REALLY fun.  She is such a good sport that she said I could post on our Web site the second photo of her.  I could not possibly do that without also posting a great one of her - hence the two photos.  The second one shows a bit of what we go through every day in the RV at our live site.  The RV serves as an office (photo one) and a dressing room (photo two.) (Note the computer in the mirror in the second photo.)


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