Military Justice?

Dear Viewers,

Regarding Monday's segments about Army Lt. Col. Allen West and Spc. Simone Holcomb: What do you think?

Should Lt. Col. West be court martialed? Should Spc. Holcomb receive a "compassionate reassignment"?

Let me know!

Is Juvenile Justice... Really Justice?

So now we know that the three teenage defendants in the Mepham (search) hazing attacks will be punished as juveniles. Will they really get a just punishment in the juvenile system?

A hearing in two weeks will decide their punishment.

But it's worth remembering what prosecutors allege: That these three football players forced three younger players down on the floor and sodomized them with broomsticks, pine cones and golf balls. They say that this did happen in one single moment of frenzy -- but repeatedly over the course of several days.

It's also worth remembering that one of the three victims needed surgery to repair his damaged rectum, and still needs more surgery. All three of them will bear the marks of violent sexual assault for the rest of their lives.

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