Group Urges Muslim Leaders to be Responsible

And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Group Urges Muslim Leaders to be Responsible

The British Islamic group Al Muhajiroun -- whose self described purpose is to "please Allah" -- denounces President Bush and his -- "fascist regime" for committing "heinous crimes" in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it is still urging British Muslim leaders to -- "be responsible and not ... encourage Muslims to demonstrate" next week when President Bush visits Britain.

After all, Al Muhajiroun says, there is a -- "overriding grave and very real threat of an operation, similar to 9/11, against the U.S. president... which thereby might make Muslims part of a target." A press release says Usama bin Laden (search) has made -- "specific warnings and threats" against the president, but the release fails to give any specifics.

Bush v. Gore

Author Gore Vidal -- who after September 11th condemned President Bush for not knowing who was responsible for the attacks and, at the same time, insisted the president knew about them in advance and didn't act -- is now predicting our -- "deranged president" will lose next year's presidential election for being  "plainly very stupid."

For one thing, Vidal says in an interview with L.A. Weekly, the U.S.A. Patriot Act (search) is -- "as despotic as anything Hitler came up with." And for another, Vidal says, the president has "wrecked the economy."

If you're wondering where the Iraq situation falls in all this... it doesn't. Vidal says -- "90 percent of Americans don't know where Iraq is and never will know, and they don't care."

Notify Sender Change of Address

The small Chinese suit-manufacturer whose name, translated, is "French-style suit company" is hoping former President Bill Clinton (search) will sign on as its new spokesman, noting his -- "worldwide charisma." The company, located in Wenzhou, China, is offering Mr. Clinton $2 million, and has sent several e-mails to the White House. Problem is, of course, Mr. Clinton does not live there any more.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report