Anti-American Brits

How much do they hate George W. Bush over there in Great Britain?

Let me count the ways.

They hate the way he walks. They call it a swagger or a strut, and complain he doesn't walk with enough humility.

They hate the way he talks. They really despise that Texas accent, and they really hate the emphatic way he speaks — especially when he says "you're with us or against us"... that sort of thing.

They call him names you wouldn't believe. "Moron" is one of the most common. The headlines this week called him "chicken George" because his security chiefs didn't want demonstrators getting near him.

You know what this is all about?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) is being pounded in the Brit press precisely because he is pro-American.

Anti-American is the outlook of choice in Great Britain.

Americans seemed to understand that Saddam Hussein (search) had to go. Believe or not, Brits did too by a 70 percent majority in the last polling that asked... but Brits also said — by a 70 percent majority — that they opposed the Americans pushing Saddam out.

So the way that logic goes... Iraqis should be saved from Saddam, but not if the Americans are going to be the ones who did it.

It's infantile. It's clear thinking turned on its head... and it is oh so British.

So be prepared for Bush to be dumped on... and you are officially invited to take it personally.

Our friends, the Brits think we're the real morons for even allowing Bush in the White House, much less actually being the president.

That's My Word.

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