Topics and Guests for Thursday, Nov. 13

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• Basketball star Kobe Bryant (search) appears in a district court hearing but does not enter a plea in the sexual assault case against him.

For details we turn to Carol McKinley live in Eagle, Colo.

Bryant makes his first appearance before District Judge Terry Ruckriegle (search), who will preside over his trial. What should we expect from this judge? And, should the defense push for a speedy trial?

We'll ask former Eagle County deputy district attorney Bruce Carey and criminal defense attorney Joe Scheideler

• In response to recent terror attacks in Iraq -- U.S. forces on Wednesday launched a planned and coordinated operation codenamed Iron Hammer (search) that targeted pro-Saddam loyalists. Could these terror attacks be just what Saddam Hussein planned all along?

FNC correspondent Bret Baier updates the situation from the Pentagon.

• President Bush will travel to Britain next week. Many protests are likely to greet the president. Could the crowds and chaos make the commander in chief vulnerable to an attack by Al Qaeda?

Deborah Orin of The New York Post assesses the situation.

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