Nowhere to Go But Up!

Remember that guy who went over the Niagara Falls and lived? Kirk Jones was his name. Remember his story?

How he was depressed. How even his parents had fired him, sort of... and he was out of work and things were just going so bad for him

There was nothing left to do than go over Niagara Falls without a barrel.

Oddly -- and surprisingly -- he didn't die. That is a rare feat indeed!

So what do you do if you try to kill yourself going over Niagara Falls, but -- darn the luck -- you live? Well, in Kirk's case, you run off and join the circus.

Jones will make his debut as "The World's Greatest Stuntman” Friday night with the Toby Tyler Circus now tour Mexican border towns of Texas. The dateline on his story is Hidalgo, Texas, down there on the Rio Grande.

Jones says the circus people called him offering something spectacular. Now what could be more spectacular -- even close to it -- than going over Niagara Falls without a barrel and now winding up in a wooden box?

Bad news for Kirk, he gets to perform in the circus, but in these small circuses you have to do other jobs. That'll be Kirk at the over there at the cotton candy stands.

And, by the way, he's writing a book with his brother called: You’re Kidding Me: A Knucklehead's Guide to Surviving Niagara Falls.

Hey, this guy's got nowhere to go but up.

That's My Word.

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