Topics and Guests for Nov. 12

Terror strikes again in Iraq, this time targeting Italian security forces.

What does the Bush administration have to do to make sure our coalition allies don't run? We’ll ask retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, FNC military analyst; Geraldine Ferraro, former vice-presidential candidate and FOX News contributors, and Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist.

Whether in politics or business, Americans look to leaders. But what does it take to be a good leader? We’ll investigate with Jim Michaels, editorial vice president of Forbes.

As the markets attempt to rally after three straight down sessions, we’ll look at the value of investing in real estate with Sam Lieber, portfolio manager of the Alpine U.S. Real Estate Equity Fund.

Pharmacist organizations in the United States continue to warn lawmakers against the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. Is the danger real? We’ll ask Scott Drabant, president of the Illinois Pharmacists Association, and Michele Fontaine, vice president of the Coalition for Manitoba Canada Pharmacy.

Abercrombie and Fitch is pitching its clothing in the latest A&F Quarterly Christmas catalogue. The models are naked, but is this the way to reach out to young people? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Michael Craven, vice president of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, and Sari Locker, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex.

Plus, is the International Space Station falling apart? We’ll get a read from millionaire businessman and space traveler, Dennis Tito.

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