Edwards Airs Second New Ad in Iowa

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards (search), who trails his top rivals in Iowa, on Thursday aired his second ad this week in the early caucus state.

The new 30-second commercial focuses on the North Carolina senator's proposal to restore jobs lost under President Bush. Edwards favors blocking unfair trade agreements and eliminating tax cuts for companies that move jobs overseas.

"Did you know that we're in an economic recovery right now? What they call a 'jobless economic recovery.' Where I grew up, if you don't have a job, you don't have a recovery," Edwards tells a group of citizens gathered at a town-hall meeting in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

As he has done in his previous ads, Edwards uses the spot to promote his plan for getting what he argues is an ailing nation back on track.

The campaign would not disclose the cost of the buy, but described it as heavy.

On Monday, Edwards unveiled a new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire (search) that directs voters to look at the candidate's Web site to learn more or write to his campaign for a copy of his "Real Solutions for America (search)" plan.

Edwards has spent more than $1.5 million in Iowa and New Hampshire combined, on par with front-runner Howard Dean's ad spending. However, Edwards is behind rivals Dean, Dick Gephardt and John Kerry in Iowa; he trails Dean and Kerry in New Hampshire.

The Edwards' campaign said the investment has contributed to steady progress in polls