Tried as Adults?

Dear Viewers,

Prosecutors say three varsity football players from Mepham High School (search) in Long Island, NY, sodomized three junior varsity players over the course of several days while at training camp this summer.

As for trying them, it appears we've already got an answer on one defendant. At the very last minute before Wednesday's hearing (to decide whether to try these teens as adults), the youngest defendant cut a deal with prosecutors. He now has agreed to testify against the other two alleged assailants; in exchange, he will get a lighter punishment through the juvenile justice system.

But what should happen to the other two defendants?

If they're tried as juveniles, can we really be sure they'll be "rehabilitated?” And once they turn 18, will this vicious attack suddenly be wiped from the record? Do these teenagers get to have a clean record, while the victims are stuck with the after-effects for the rest of their lives?


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