Shock to the Saudi System?

So the Saudis finally woke up and realized that Al Qaeda wants to kill them too? They must have been in a deeper sleep than Rip Van Winkel.

Lets say you do just a little reading about Wahhabism (search), the official Islamic sect of Saudi Arabia.

You would see right away that Wahhabis believe it is their duty to kill infidels and heretics, polytheists -- believers in more than one god -- and apostate rulers who defile the land of the two holy cities. That last phrase -- the land of two holy cities -- is what Al Qaeda calls Saudi Arabia because they are so angry at the Saudi royal family and the westernized Saudis they won't even use the name.

Al Qaeda is only the latest Islamic sect that believes it has a duty to purify Islam. The Wahhabis thought they were the most puritanical Muslims, but they ended up with all that oil, and the riches and soft living and deals with infidels – America -- corrupted them. So Al Qaeda is here to clean up the mess.

Now, for years Saudia Arabia put up with this stuff, because it was their duty to be puritanical, and if they gave Al Qaeda money and said go mess with the Soviets, or the Americans, they were safe.

Now the monster has turned on them and this will not end with a deal.

The Saudi royal family is now in a fight to the death with the very people they sicced on us. And Al Qaeda is in the midst of an active internal debate. Is it more important to go to Iraq and fight Americans, or to Saudi Arabia and fight the infidel rulers?

You can probably figure out what my advice would be.

That's My Word.

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