DaySide Mailbag

Some of the topics we've brought up on recent shows have struck a nerve with our viewers — and you've let us know about it!

A sample of your responses:

Hi Linda! I was in New York last week and I went to your show twice. You were the highlight of my trip. I spoke to you both days and felt that you are a very friendly person, not to mention beautiful as well. Fox News is my favorite channel and you are now my favorite on air personality. Thank you for doing your show and letting people like myself participate. You are the best!
Kent Lockey
Raleigh, NC

We attended the show on Monday and we were very impressed with Linda and her staff. I like her style of newspeak. We had a great time and will tell all our friends to order tickets. I think Fox is the best and is invigorating people to watch and talk much more about what is going on in the world today. Keep up the great work and we will be watching!
Pat Scannura

Linda and staff, my husband and I have attended two DaySide shows and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Your staff is pleasant, courteous and professional. For you, Linda, we cannot say enough. You are as smart as you are beautiful, inside and out. You are someone young women can look up to and model themselves after. As for us, we really admire you. You handle yourself so well on the air and are so personal to the audience off the air. Best wishes for continued success and we will return to the audience again soon.
Jim and Kathryn Cheer
Endicott, NY

I am currently deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is just a short note to say that my fellow soldiers and I watch your show every day since we have been deployed. We never miss it. Also, I would like to say on behalf of ALL the soldiers deployed to Iraq (especially us soldiers in 4 ID) thank you very much Linda for all your support that you give us. It warms our hearts that there are people back home that listen to someone like yourself who give us so much support.
I cannot say "Thank You" enough.
SSG RB, U.S. Army

…My wife has the TV playing in the background a good part of the day and it is often set to the Fox News Channel. When I go into the kitchen for lunch DaySide is on. I don't watch that type of show normally.
I am so impressed with Linda and the way she handles things both in the interviewing role and also in the reporting one. She is, in my opinion, the finest female hostess and reporter in TV news. She is really a class act!!!
This is yet another way Fox has satisfied the need for quality and balance in the news area.
My thanks for all concerned and with this e-mail my compliment to Linda. She is fantastic.
Most sincerely,
John F. Grove

Linda, I would like to commend you on your new show. I think the format is terrific and your "hosting" is fantastic. I have always enjoyed your reporting on the daytime shows, but you have outdone yourself with this show.
Continued Best of Luck...
Warren Wismer
Trevose, PA

Whoever came up with this format of "That Face" for promoting the show did an outstanding job. This is unquestionably one of the better things ever done on any television network. Whoever picked Linda Vester for this show did an ever better job.
This young lady is the perfect person for this type show; She is spontaneous, extremely smart and has a "Johnny Carson" type ability of getting a point across through facial expressions. This Network just keeps getting better.
Ron Smith
Harlingen, TX