The Right to Flash High Beams?

And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Security Problems

Officials at a national nuclear weapons lab in Livermore, California, have a problem...they've lost 12 keys to the lab, and they don't know who, if anyone, has them. The U.S. Energy Department's inspector general, Gregory Friedman, says that's nothing new. The lab, he alleges, can't even identify, let alone address, any problems that might arise if the keys have fallen into the wrong hands.

A Livermore spokesman, quoted in The Washington Post, says not to worry, because a layered security system at the lab means the lost keys could produce only a -- "minimal increased risk." The U.S. Energy Department, meanwhile, says the lab will have to replace about 100,000 locks in 526 buildings. That would cost taxpayers roughly $1.7 million.

Public Not Sold

A graphic artist from Boston says the online souvenir shop called his product -- "genuinely offensive" and unfairly committed what he calls censorship by taking his product off its Web site. Twenty-eight year-old Marat Ryndin was selling T-shirts that say, "Kill Bush." He says he "didn't mean it literally," only that he hopes, as the shirts imply, that voters on Election Day will toss out president bush -- whom he says, "recklessly threw our country into the war in Iraq."

The Web site reports receiving..."numerous complaints from our customers" -- which is why it stopped selling the shirts. Ryndin offers a more precise assessment...He says he didn't sell any t-shirts -- not one.

The Right to Flash High Beams?

A county judge in Franklin, Tennessee, has ruled the constitution protects a motorist's right to flash his or her lights at oncoming drivers, to warn that a policeman is lying in wait, presumably bearing a speed gun and a book full of speeding tickets.

A Franklin City police officer cited Harley Walker for doing just that, but Williamson County Judge Russ Heldman said the ticket violated Walker's free speech guarantees. The Franklin City police chief now has to issue a memo to his officers, telling them not to cite drivers for flashing their lights -- and thus depriving the metropolis of a valued source of revenue.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report