Jessica Simpson; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Paris Hilton

Jessica Simpson (search) to play another ditzy blonde, Zeta-Jones doesn't win much and Paris Hilton may have been taken advantage of in today's Foxlight.

So Jessica Simpson is going to be the new Jeannie in an updated version of "I Dream Of Jeannie?" Do they think she's capable of learning lines? On her current show she just says whatever pops into her head, which isn't a whole lot over a 30-minute span. Don't get me wrong, it's a great casting idea. She can come out of a bleach bottle. And is her husband gonna be Major Healey?

Remember how outraged Catherine Zeta-Jones (search) was when that British magazine printed unauthorized wedding pictures that made her look fat? She and Mikey sued for $840,000 and they won. But the settlement wasn't so fat. The court awarded her $24,000. The thing that really annoyed her? The couple had sold authorized photos to another magazine for 1 million pounds. The money kind of pounds. The magazine they sued scooped the authorized magazine by three days.

Finally, I never thought I'd take Paris Hilton (search)'s side in anything. But now that I hear she may have been drugged or drunk or both while she made that sex tape with her boyfriend, I feel bad for her. At least Tommy Lee and Pamela looked like they knew what they were doing.