Luxury Yachts Dazzle at Boat Show

A $60 million superyacht (search) featuring 14 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a $1.5 million soundproof recording studio and chandeliers hanging below deck.

This was just one of the 1,650 boats showcased at the 44th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (search) last weekend — among them 230 superyachts.

"They're floating hotels with all their own utilities," said tour guide Robert Moran.

Tours of the superyacht, known as the Capri, were by-appointment-only.

Considered a work of art, the Capri has a sundeck that doubles as a helicopter landing pad, marble-topped bars and plasma TVs that pop out of the walls.

"It's an incredible boat — it couldn't be any better," said tourist Linda von Allmen.

The luxury mega-yacht measures 192 feet long and took more than two years to build. Its two engines yield 4,000 horsepower and don't emit any soot.

"It's one of the most environmentally friendly boats ever built," Moran said. "The owners were extremely conscious to make sure this vessel would be an ocean-friendly vessel."

The boat is also safe, he said, with five separate watertight compartments in the event that it strikes an iceberg or some other object in the water.

"The Titanic (search) definitely taught us some lessons," Moran said.

As for the owner of the dreamboat? Moran was mum on his identity — other than to say that apart from boats, he has a fondness for electric guitars.

The show's featured vessels took up about 3 million square feet of sea and land space at six different sites, and were worth close to $1.6 billion in all.