War Stories From Iraq With Oliver North

Sunday, November 9 at 8 p.m. ET!

Hosted by Lt. Col. Oliver North

Here's just some of what you'll experience in this special edition of War Stories with Oliver North...

It was the second time we faced a familiar enemy... 

On the morning of March 20, 2003, American and British coalition forces stormed into the Al Faw peninsula from Kuwait.

From sea, they launched Tomahawk cruise missiles and air strikes targeting key government buildings in the capital city of Baghdad. Operation Iraqi Freedom (search) had begun.  The mission was to topple the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and his bloody regime that had terrorized the Iraqi people for more than 25 years.  The mission was accomplished in three weeks. No military force has ever gone so far so fast and with so few casualties.

Embedded first with the 1st Marine Expeditionary For (search)ce and later with the Army's 4th Infantry Division (search), combat veteran Oliver North brought a unique perspective to the battlefield.  Over 44 days, using hand-held small cameras, North and his field producer Griff Jenkins, were able to capture exclusive, dramatic behind-the-scenes footage from battle and casualty evacuation operations in Iraq. 

In this special episode, you'll meet some of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who battled their way through this ancient land.  Some paid for the liberation of others with their lives. You’ll experience the danger our troops faced each day from Saddam’s army and the threat of chemical weapons. You’ll see the abandoned, opulent palaces that the dictator built and the slums his countrymen called home.

In this special edition of War Stories From Iraq with Oliver North, you will go inside rescue operations during a blinding sandstorm. And, you'll witness the heroism of a Marine captain who coordinated the rescue of 73 Marines in the fight for Saddam's palace.  

These are stirring stories from the frontlines of "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

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Staff for this special episode:

Senior Producer:  Pamela K. Browne

Field Producer : Griff Jenkins

Produced and Written by:  Pamela K. Browne, Cyd Upson, Martin Hinton and Gregory Johnson

Editor:  Josh Parker and Eddie Montague

Designer : Greg Van Why