War Becoming a Free Fire Zone

In Iraq American soldiers are taking incoming fire in choppers and Humvees, when they're moving around doing things like fixing schools and trying to get the power running.

That's the Iraq front.

On the home front, it's the same free fire zone. The guys who are U.S. soldiers in this scenario are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and maybe one or two others, like Paul Wolfowitz (search). Who's doing the shooting over here on the home front?

For one, Sen. Jay Rockefeller of the Senate Intelligence Committee, as it now appears he was getting all the intelligence ducks in a row to start firing rockets at Bush next year as the presidential election ratchets up.

The Intelligence Committee is supposed to be above that. But some Democrats hate Bush so much, and are so desperate to get him out, that they're happy to violate normal etiquette.

Then there's Howard Dean, who wants to go straight down the McGovern road – and you saw McGovern on Thursday’s show saying that Dean should: Attacking the war and attacking Bush is absolutely the right way to go, just as McGovern, did in 1972. McGovern, now 81 years old, doesn't seem to remember that strategy lost him 49 states.

Then there's Wesley Clark who said Friday that when he's president he won't get the U.S. in another mess like the one Bush got us in today.

So what's it going to be? Are we going to believe we did the wrong thing in the war and we should throw Bush out because Saddam should still be running Iraq?

Bush may not have done everything right, but I can't believe that pitch is going to work.

That's My Word.

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