Topics and Guests for Nov. 6

In a speech delivered on the 20th anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy (search), a private organization in Washington set up to strengthen democracy around the world, President Bush blamed the United States and other nations that allowed Middle Eastern governments to continue without demanding democratic freedoms.

But are we pushing democracy into a region that is not ready for it? We’ll ask Peter Brookes with the Heritage Foundation and Jim Rogers, president of

And, we’ll get a read on the latest developments in Iraq with retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, Fox News military analyst.

We’ll talk earnings and expectations with John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco Systems (search).

Rosie can talk and Martha can cook. But can either of them get out from the mess they're in right now? We’ll get insight from damage control expert Eric Dezenhall, CEO of the crisis management firm Nichols Dezenhall.

We’ll get a read on the markets from Larry Wachtel, market analyst for Wachovia Securities; Jessica Bibliowicz, chairman and CEO of National Financial Partners, and Paul Rabbitt, president of

Plus, we’ll mark Voyager I’s intergalactic history with the second man to walk the surface of the moon, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

And, it it time to kiss and make up? Some say we should forget the boycott and forgive the French. We’ll ask Jean-Philippe Perol, director of the French Government Tourist Office, if it’s time to fall in love with France again.

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