'The Matrix,' ''Elf,' 'Love Actually'

"The Matrix" rakes it in, "Elf" charms and "Love Actually" is very cute in today's Foxlight.

At one point in "The Matrix Revolutions," (search) Neo asks the Oracle "Where is this going?" Through the roof, Keanu.

Despite miserable reviews that use terms like "disjointed incoherence,"  "pompous" and even "snicker-worthy," this revolution will make $125 million before the end of the weekend. And that's just here in the United States.

It opened Wednesday simultaneously around the world. There are probably lines around the block on Zion. Add in revenue from video/DVD sales, video games, soundtracks and other merchandise and "The Matrix" series so far has taken in close to $2 billion dollars. And we're just getting started.

Next, the holiday season gets started with "Elf" (search). It could be another "Saturday Night Live" sketch stretched to an hour and a half, but guess what? Three stars from The New York Post, who says 'Elf" is a "pleasantly old-fashioned, gee-whillikers. Yuletide confection rescued from Schmaltz-ville by Will Ferrell."

Elf thinks he's the real thing. James Caan is great as his father and Peter Dinklage steals the movie as a subversive children's book author who doesn't like being called an elf. Boxofficeguru.com says $20 million this weekend and it could stick around like that drunk uncle all through the holiday season.

Finally, speaking of schmaltz, here's another film that might have been a sugar coma-inducer but again, great talent pulls it off. Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Laura Linney, Alan Rickman and Rowan Atkinson are just a few of the many storylines in "Love Actually" (search). 

Three stars from USA Today, who calls it "irresistible." "You'd have to be Ebenezer Scrooge not to walk out smiling." This holiday package is opening softly on 550 screens and should return $7 million, according to Boxofficemojo.com.