Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Nov. 4

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• Three loud explosions blast across central Baghdad (search) and smoke can be seen rising close to the Coalition Provisional Authority, the compound used as the headquarters of the U.S. occupation.

FNC correspondent Steve Harrigan will update us live from Baghdad.

What strategy should coalition forces use to weed out insurgents and put an end to guerrilla warfare? We'll ask Retired U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FNC military analyst.

• For the latest developments in the Scott Peterson (search) preliminary trial we turn to KFI radio correspondent Laura Ingle, who is in the courtroom during proceedings.

FNC senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano assesses the latest developments in the case.                  

Does the duct tape Scott Peterson used to hang up missing posters of his murdered wife Laci match tape found near her washed up body? How damaging could this be to the defense?

Criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman weighs in.

• After much public scrutiny CBS cancels the docudrama miniseries The Reagans. Should the network have pulled the plug? Did this series cross the line and wrongfully portray a former president? Or, is the cancellation solely a result of public pressure?

Robert Thompson, founding director from the Center for the Study of Popular Television, weighs in.

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Note: Topics subject to change