Guests and Topics: November 4

Behind every significant change in American history -- There lies a great debate. Freedom of speech entitles all Americans to stand up for what they believe in. There are two sides to every coin, and a true debate will bring forth fair and balanced facts. So stay with the # 1 nightly debate program on cable news because -- We Debate. You Decide.

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• Has public scrutiny forced CBS to cancel their four-hour mini-series The Reagans? Radio talk show host Michael Reagan weighs in.

Was the TV docudrama really just leftist propaganda? Democratic strategist Bob Beckel joins the debate.

• Has duct tape that Scott Peterson (search) used to hang search posters for his murdered pregnant wife Laci been matched to tape found near her dead body? Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht answers our questions.

How will this affect the case? Former prosecutor Chris Darden and criminal defense attorney Anne Bremner assess the situation.

• It's Tuesday -- So Bill Bennett of Empower America (search) enters the debate.

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