Iraq: Success or Failure?

Dear Viewers,

Have you seen the recent Newsweek magazine cover? Did you catch The New York Times Sunday Magazine last weekend? Both covers declare the U.S. effort in Iraq "botched", an irrevocable failure.

It seems mighty premature to declare this a failure. It's still an ongoing operation. With newspapers reporting today that all Iraqi hospitals are back in operation, that there's an across-the-board increase in Iraqi kids going to school, and that there are now gigantic pay raises for Iraqi doctors and teachers... sweeping declarations of "failure" do not reflect reality. To put it mildly.

That said, there are still some big problems:

The attack on U.N. headquarters. The attack on the al-Rashid Hotel that nearly got Secy. Wolfowitz. The attacks on police stations and the Red Cross. The downing of the Chinook. And attacks aimed at the CPA headquarters the past two days.

I'd sure like to hear a plan for getting control of the weapons that are floating around Iraq and selling for as little as ten bucks.

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