Topics and Guests: October 31

Tonight...get on the record with Greta live from Modesto.

What was Scott and Laci's marriage really like? We’ll examine why the Peterson (search) housekeeper’s testimony is so important when Greta convenes our legal roundtable.

Our panel this evening includes the following attorneys and experts:

Gloria Allred, victim's rights attorney

Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney

Ted Wiliams, criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective

Dr. Michael Baden, forensic pathologist

Stan Goldman, FNC legal analyst and Loyola Law Professor

Plus, did Scott Peterson's dad say something in court that could actually keep is son behind bars? We'll tell you about it.

Then, an unbelievable shocker outside another California courtroom. We'll show you the videotape.

And later, will firefighters in California finally get some help from Mother Nature as they battle deadly wildfires (search)? Could a weather report that includes fog and cooler temps make a difference? We'll go live to Southern California.

Those stories and much, much more!

Don't miss On the Record tonight at 10 p.m. ET!

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