On A Mission To Sound Classless?

And now some fresh pickings from the wartime grapevine:

Who Should Be In Charge?

A new poll shows that 68 percent of Europeans say the war in Iraq was not justified. In addition, the poll, commissioned by the European Union (search) and published on the E.U. observer Web site, shows that only 6 percent of Europeans think the U.S. should be in charge of security in Iraq.

Forty-three percent say the United Nations should be in charge of security. And while 65 percent of Europeans say the U.S. should finance the rebuilding of Iraq, at least just as many say their own country should send humanitarian aid to Iraq.

Critical Report, Minus...

The New York Times today published a front-page story saying the Justice Department "heavily" edited an internal report on diversity before posting the report on it's Web site, thus releasing -- "a critical study, minus criticism."

The Times says -- "Private lawyers ... expressed dismay at the heavy editing of the report and at its conclusions that discrimination was perceived by the minority lawyers who make up about 15 percent of the Justice Department's 9,200 lawyers." The Times fails to mention that diversity among the Justice Department's lawyers is higher than diversity among lawyers nationwide, of which 12 percent are minorities.

On A Mission To Sound Classless?

An anchor for BBC World Service radio says she was fired after three years on the job because officials at the network thought she sounded too wealthy, too well spoken and too "white."

Zenab Ahmed -- whose father is Pakistani -- says the BBC World Service -- "is on a mission to sound classless...The BBC should retain those of us from under-represented ethnic groups -- to whom it claims to be reaching out -- instead of ditching us on a whim." The BBC, however, tells London's Telegraph that Ahmed's firing -- "had nothing to do with her accent."

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report