When Luck Is on Your Side...

Okay. It's nothing to laugh at because he could have gotten killed, but did you see that lawyer out in L.A. bob and weave?

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Why this guy isn't dead is beyond me. Look at him duck, and somebody is shooting at him. From just a couple feet away!

This guy with the gun didn't see Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction or anything else Quentin Tarantino (search ) made, because he's just a bad killer...

Or maybe the lawyer is a lucky victim. In either case, it's just amazing this lawyer walked away with wounds that are described as not life threatening.

I ask you... could you bob and weave and duck like that? If somebody was pointing a gun at you and firing away like crazy? Could you duck the bullets?

I honestly don't think I would be that good.

This guy is amazing.

He is evidently in the hospital recovering, and we wish him well... but as I watch this, I'm reminded of an old expression from the news business — I'd rather be lucky than good.

Which reminds me of another old expression from the news business... it's good to make your own luck.

Hats off to the lawyer. He's evidently lucky and good.

That's My Word.

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