Guests and Topics: October 30

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• An exclusive and grisly reminder of why we are in the war on terror -- A graphic videotape showing acts of torture carried out by Iraqi Republican Guard (search) and Saddam Fedayeen (search) militiamen has been obtained by FNC.
Can the tape explain why many Iraqi's still fear Saddam Hussein (search), even after he has been removed from power?  Is the tape authentic?

Clifford May, president of Defense of Democracies, weighs in.

The punishments on the videotape include fingers being chopped or shot off, tips of tongues being cut off, wrists being broken by sharp blows from a wooden rod, lashes by whip or cane, a bound man being tossed off a building, a beheading involving a sword and a knife and a man being humiliated by riding a donkey backwards.

Many Democrats have questioned the legitimacy of a terroristic Saddam regime? Does this quell their claims?

Democratic strategist Cliff Schecter will answer our questions.

• Scott Peterson's double homicide preliminary hearing opens for the second day. Why didn't an FBI lab expert try to match a hair found in Peterson's boat with a bone from Laci Peterson's body?

Former L.A.P.D. detective Mark Fuhrman assesses the situation.

Mary Prevost, criminal defense attorney and Lis Wiehl, FOX News legal analyst, weigh in on the latest with the case.            

• Plus -- Rep. Katherine Harris is just back from Iraq (search) and she will tell us about her experience.

• The massive wildfires in California continue to threaten the state. FOX's own Geraldo Rivera will update us on the tragic situation. 

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