Guests and Topics: October 29

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• The preliminary hearing for accused double murderer Scott Peterson (search) opens amidst much speculation and publicity. Does the prosecution have enough evidence to guarantee that Peterson will be tried for the killing of his pregnant wife Laci and their unborn son?

FNC legal analysts Lis Wiehl and Peter Johnson weigh in.

Will DNA analysis of Laci Peterson's hair found on pliers in Scott Peterson's boat be admitted as evidence for the prosecution?

FOX's own Geraldo Rivera will update us live from Modesto, Calif.

Can it be proved 100 percent that this piece of hair was in fact from the head of the 27-year-old substitute teacher who was eight months pregnant when she disappeared without a trace on Christmas Eve?

We'll ask forensics expert Dr. Henry Lee, who has given his expertise in such cases as the O.J. Simpson (search) trial and the Jon Benet Ramsey (search) case.

Defense attorney Mark Geragos (search) has said he would not only prove Peterson innocent, but would find the "real killers." The defense team has suggested that a satanic cult may have been responsible. Police have disputed such claims.

Will this theory hold up in court? We'll get insight from criminal defense attorney Jayne Weintraub.

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