'Ghostbusters' Costume Trips Airport Detector

A man's creative Halloween costume (search) caused an uproar at Palm Beach International Airport when it tripped an explosives detector during a baggage screening.

Eric Velleca, 28, was pulled off his United Airlines flight to Chicago and questioned by investigators on Wednesday while a bomb squad inspected the trunk carrying three costumes patterned after the outfits worn in the film "Ghostbusters (search)."

The trunk contained PVC pipes, radios, cell phones, batteries with wires attached and car distributor caps to be used to assemble the "proton packs" for costumes he and two friends were planning to wear for a Friday party.

The materials set off the security device and the trunk was rushed to a remote section of the airport. Officials had discussed blowing up the trunk but decided against it, Velleca said.

He said officials briefly considered pressing charges against him, but they were polite and professional throughout ordeal.

Lauren Stover, regional spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration (search), said officials had no choice but to treat the situation as if it were a threat.

"People need to be careful about incorporating simulated bombs into their costumes," she said.

Velleca, of Loxahatchee, was able to catch another flight to Chicago later Wednesday — with his costume props.

"It wasn't my idea," he said of the costumes. "I don't even really like the Ghostbusters."