Foxlight: Elizabeth Smart; Sting; Kelly Ripa

Elizabeth Smart wants to play herself, Sting's naughty mother and Kelly Ripa meets her send-up in today's Foxlight.

Get this -- Elizabeth Smart (search) wanted to play herself in the CBS movie about her nine-month kidnapping. TV Guide says wiser heads prevailed when someone said "Get me an Elizabeth Smart-type."

Supposedly the young acting wannabe was actually disappointed she couldn't live through the ordeal again. "Why don't they want me?" she reportedly asked. Her parents said no, thankfully.

How's this for a brand new day? You're little Sting (search), you come home and mom is doing the milkman. That's right. The rocker says he was driven to music after walking in on his mother during a passionate moment with their family's milkman.

"I can hear soft moans and the quickening of breath from behind the glass door," he recalls in his memoir, "Broken Music." "As I turn the handle there is a sudden panic on the other side of the glass. I manage to open the door only a crack before it is violently shut again," he writes.

The milkman with the great bedside manner worked for the milk-delivery business run by Sting's father. He lost his job shortly afterward.

Finally, can't wait for "Saturday Night Live" this week. Host Kelly Ripa (search) can be a pretty good sport. And I think she's genuinely amusing with Regis. Will he make a surprise appearance? Dunno. But I can't wait for the real Kelly to meet the SNL version played by Amy Poehler. Regis told Kelly on Thursday's show he's tired of the SNL spoofs. Sorry, Reege.