Topics and Guests for Oct. 28

As lawyers continue to argue over how much jurors should see of a videotape showing a $2 million party former Tyco International chief executive Dennis Kozlowski (search) threw for his wife on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, we’ll examine the greed factor in corporate America with Monroe Milstein, CEO of Burlington Coat Factory, and Jonathan Hoenig, portfolio manager at Capitalistpig Asset Management and author of Greed is Good.

The Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged, saying the economic risk of deflation remains. But is it time to start raising rates? Is the Fed missing good opportunities if it doesn't make changes soon? We’ll ask Jenny Anderson, New York Post business reporter, and Brian Wesbury, chief economist at Griffin Kubik Stephens and Thompson.

Plus, we’ll hash out the markets with Barry Ritholtz, market strategist for Maxim Group; Paul Pomfret, president of PDP Capital, and Bob Hormats, vice chairman at Goldman Sachs.

As Boston Red Sox Manager Grady Little found out, one bad move can cost you your job. Does it serve as a reminder that no one is safe at their job? Michael Ozanian, senior editor for Forbes magazine, and Ed Kopko, CEO of Chief Executive magazine, join the debate.

We’ll talk earnings and expectations with James Mullen, CEO of Biogen.

Plus, meet an eternal optimist: Zoe Koplowitz won’t let multiple sclerosis and diabetes stop her from running her 18th marathon!

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