On the Road... Again

Dear Viewers,

For those of you who saw Tuesday night's On the Record,  you know we have taken the show "on the road" to Modesto.  I like being on the road in that it brings us closer to the story and there is nothing like seeing or hearing something yourself. I will be in the courtroom all day listening to the evidence the prosecution has against Scott Peterson (search).

Tuesday night's show was reasonably "uneventful" from a problem viewpoint. Because we did it outside, and because I was under the lights, I had to contend with mosquitoes attacking me. During the breaks I was swatting the air around me in self-defense. At some point during the show someone in the crew found some suntan lotion with an anti insect component so we used that. I confess it seemed odd to be putting on suntan lotion in the dark but it worked.

It is apparent that the media has taken over Modesto (search). Every place you go you see members of the media. Sometimes, as you might expect, their behavior is not exemplary. For instance -- and to protect the "guilty" I will not tell you who -- one notable TV person was seen in the hotel lobby late in the afternoon very upset -- but not rude -- because she wanted her nails done and the salon the hotel recommended was closed. She was in a bit of a panic per my very good source. I am not sure having one's nails done is so urgent when you are "on the road" covering a terrible crime: murder. But, I suppose to be fair, I should get that TV personality's side of the incident.

Last night as I walked to the courthouse to do the show, I saw the law office of Mark Geragos' local counsel here in Modesto. I figured Mark would be there so I stepped into the building and went to the office. I was right -- I saw Mark through the glass and waived to him. I have known Mark for years. The local counsel, who is said to "hate" the media, looked up at me and looked like he had seen a ghost (maybe the devil in his mind?) My producer who was with me confirmed that the local counsel did not look very happy at seeing me. I did not go into the office but simply moved on to our live site.

So if I am looking a bit ragged -- more than usual -- tonight on the show, give me some slack. Not only did I have only three hours of sleep the night before last, but our hotel here in Modesto is adjacent to railroad tracks. And, lucky me: there were trains all night long blowing their whistles. This is why coffee was invented.

I am taking some pictures and will put them up on my blog when I get a chance. I may have to wait until I get back to Washington, DC since the hotel does not have high-speed lines in the room.


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